Overkill 3 is a step in the right direction for the series. It's colossally stupid, to the point where high-fiving the protagonist at certain points can earn you extra XP, but there's a woo-yeah-big-explosion beat to the play that's kind of infectious.

There are currencies galore, adverts slightly-less galore, and lots of identikit goons to slaughter.

It's certainly not a classic, and it's still a bit of a slippery mess. It's just a slippery mess that'll make you smile while you're playing it.

Chest shot

The game is an over-the-shoulder third person cover shooter. Your shaven-headed grunt stands next to some cover, and you proceed to shoot everything that moves.

You aim with a stick in the left of the screen, and fire with a button on the right. Reloading ducks you behind cover, and there's a button that lets you aim down your sights for better accuracy.

You can toss grenades, swig health packs, and use special weapons like rocket launchers and air strikes with a few taps as well.

The levels don't last more than a few minutes, but they look reasonably pretty, and there's a nice destructive heft to all the shooting and explosions.

There are annoyances, especially when it comes to the accuracy rating stat which often means you're blasting away at the air around a bad guy instead of hitting your perfectly aimed shot, but they don't drag the game down too much.

Spray and pray

There's no energy system here, but Overkill 3 is clearly balanced to make you spend. But it's not too unfairly skewed, and there's still a lot of dumb shooty action to enjoy.

This is a a shooter with absolutely no brains. It's skittish and often sloppy, and sometimes it'll make you want to mash your face into a table. But, when it fizzes into life, it's also a lot of fun.

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