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Creepy, atmospheric puzzle-platformer Limbo has just stumbled past a bear trap and narrowly avoided a falling saw blade to arrive on Android. You can get it at Google Play for £3.30 / $4.99.

You play as a young boy looking for his sister. Along the way you'll have to solve physics-based conundrums while being assaulted by giant spiders, pits full of spikes, evil children, and electrified hotel signs.

And you'll probably die. A lot. But no worries - your gruesome, blood-soaked, decapitation death will inform you how to proceed in your next go-around.

Limbo Android

This port of the much-loved Xbox 360 game has quite natural and responsive controls, but the Android port also supports all major game pads - including the Nvidia Shield.

We gave this mysterious iOS adventure a Gold Award and said "a dark and macabre puzzle-platformer, Limbo is always experimenting with new ways to make you think, and new ways to shock you to your core".

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