Hello Games has revealed that the Gold Award-winning Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2: The Movie are almost ready for their big arrival on Vita.

Writing on the PlayStation Blog, Alex Wiltshire of Hello Games said that collaborating studio Four Door Lemon has managed to get both Joe Danger games running at 60fps on the Vita.

He also confirmed that Joe Danger will come with 84 levels and 25 playable characters. Joe Danger 2 has 85 levels, including the Undead Movie Pack DLC, and 35 playable characters.

Improvements made to the sequel have been transferred to the original game, too.

This means that Joe Danger on the Vita automatically downloads ghosts for you to race against, and online leaderboards and trophies to collect.

Joe Danger 2: The Movie

Lastly, Wiltshire revealed that Hello has been in talks with Media Molecule, with the result is that Atoi and Iota from Tearaway are playable characters in Joe Danger 2. Sackboy from LittleBigPlanet is another playable character in the sequel on Vita.

Joe Danger and its sequel will appear on Vita soon.