Rovio has decided to take a short break from updating its many Angry Birds titles and has added a batch of new content to Bad Piggies, instead.

Fire up Bad Piggies after downloading this update, and you'll be presented with 30 brand-new Rise & Swine stages that you - as always - need to get three stars on.

Luckily, there are new power-ups and items to help you complete your mission. These include super glue, magnets, turbo charges, and even a powerful grappling hook that can attach to any surface.

Even more

Still struggling to earn three stars on a level? Fear not: this update introduces a Mighty Eagle-esque Super Mechanic feature that will gift you a three-star ride every time you use it.

Download Bad Piggies for your iPhone for 69p / 99c [buy], or for your iPad from £1.99 / $2.99 [buy]. You can also grab it from Google Play for free [download].

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