Squids and Squids Wild West developer The Game Bakers has announced that it will release its next smartphone title, beat-'em-up Combo Crew, in May.

For those of you who haven't seen our previous coverage of Combo Crew, it's a Streets of Rage-inspired "blast-from-the-past" fighting game designed with bite-sized playing sessions in mind.

You can take on Combo Crew's many enemies on your lonesome or asynchronously with other gamers (regardless of whether they're playing on an iOS- or Android-powered smartphone or tablet).

Your online pals can even revive you should you fall victim to a vicious roundhouse kick.

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According to The Game Bakers (and many mobile gamers), virtual on-screen D-pads "suck", which is probably why there aren't any in Combo Crew.

Instead, you use a variety of gestures to control your brawlers.

Swiping your device's screen with one finger, for example, results in a punch or a kick. Simple taps, on the other hand, result in counter-attacks, while two-finger swipes result in special combo moves.

You'll be able to get your hands on Combo Crew in May. Like the rest of us.