Updated on April 25th, at 12:31: Since this story went live, the Android version of Talisman Prologue HD has surfaced on Google Play.

You can download it for £2.99 / $4.99 right now [buy].

Original story follows...

We've played Talisman Prologue HD, and soon you can, too.

That's right, Games Workshop fans: Talisman Prologue HD is about to hit the App Store.

Come the stroke of midnight, iPad and iPhone owners will be able to dive into the 30-year-old world of Talisman via Nomad Games's new digital version of the classic fantasy-RPG boardgame.

As in the original cardboard creation, you must guide characters around the board, defeating randomised enemies as you go in the hope of claiming the Crown of Command.

For this initial version of Talisman Prologue HD, Nomad Games has opted to focus on the single-player campaign. The firm has promised to deliver a multiplayer mode, though, this summer via an update.

With 50 quests to play through, however, there'll be plenty of card-drawing, dice-rolling action to keep you occupied in the meantime.

If you fancy a boardgaming blast from the past, you'll be able to download Talisman Prologue HD on iPad and iPhone for £2.99 / $4.99 from midnight tonight.

An Android version (for tablets only) is expected to surface soon after.

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