Pocket Gamer Award-winning apps Help Volty and Polymer are now available in free-to-download lite form.

In the creepy-crawly puzzler Help Volty, Tvndra Producties tells the tale of an adorable beetle - named Volty - who is trying to escape from a box.

Unfortunately for Volty, this particular box has been designed to keep any occupants trapped inside. The only way to break free is to complete a series of room-based puzzles.

Though the game isn't especially tough, we found Help Volty's puzzles imaginative and enjoyable to solve.

By downloading the "free introduction" to Help Volty, you can test out the first three levels without dipping into your virtual wallet [download].

Sticking with the puzzler theme, we now turn your attention to the tile-swapping shenanigans of Polymer.

In this game, you are presented with a simple objective: slide rows of patterned tiles vertically and horizontally to create shapes.

Completed shapes (or 'polymers') will then disappear when tapped, earning you points in the process.

Our resident reviewing machine Harry declared Polymer "a rare thing - a puzzle game that feels fresh and new".

While the free ad-supported version of Polymer lacks the premium version's complete range of modes and colour schemes, it's a great way to get a taste of the game's unique charms [download].