Back in July 2012, Game Dev Story developer Kairosoft released a fish-based time-management title called The Sushi Spinnery on Google Play.

Today, the simulation specialist launched its Bronze Award-winning title on Apple's App Store, too.

So, you've opened a sushi restaurant. You now have to expand your menu, work out how to attract more customers, and transform your small bistro into a bustling five-star eatery.

Food for thought

And how exactly do you that? Well, by spending all of your time (and money) building sumo rings and other crowd-pulling amenities, for example. Or by focusing on winning nationwide cookery contests.

If that sounds right up your street, go download The Sushi Spinnery from the App Store right this second for £2.49 / $3.99.

If you do decide to download this game, be sure to check out our hints, tips, and tricks guide. It'll be worth it. Trust.