The chuffing excellent train-based boardgame conversion Ticket to Ride has picked up some spooky extra features, courtesy of a new Halloween-themed update.

Download the creepy add-on to your iPad, and you will discover some suitably macabre music, sounds, and screens waiting to welcome you back on board.

Even the trusty old conductor has been supplanted by a cackling witch. In these uncertain economic times, no job is safe - even if you're a public servant composed entirely of pixels.

Furthermore, achievement hunters can now chase the Ghost Catcher and Pumpkin Master accolades, and unlock the suitably sinister jack-o'-lantern avatar.

The folks at Days of Wonder have also taken this opportunity to introduce native Facebook support, allowing you fill your Wall with boasts about timetable efficiency or whatever.

There's no word yet as to whether the iPhone version of Ticket to Ride will be receiving the update, but we'll be sure to keep you informed. Probably over the tannoy.

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