Square Enix slipped Final Fantasy III over onto Google Play earlier this summer without much fanfare or publicity.

What Square Enix did attach to the game was a hefty £10.99 ($15.99) price tag, which is comparable to its iOS pricing.

Now, less than two weeks after the initial release the game, Final Fantasy III is the fourth top-grossing Android game of the week

While the price is certainly commensurate with the amount and depth of gameplay provided, we did get the feeling it would be too much for the average mobile gamer to swallow.

Apparently, we were wrong.

Cutting through the freemium

In case you think we were being unfair with our predictions, Final Fantasy III is, however, the only non-freemium game to command a spot in the list of highest-grossing Android games for the week.

The complete list – as reported - is as follows:

1. Rage of Bahamut
2. Slotomania
3. Slot City: Slot Machines
4. Final Fantasy III
5. Zynga Poker
6. Live Holdem Poker Pro
7. Tiny Village
8. Airport City
9. Crime City
10. Smurfs' Village Gamasutra

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