At its Unite 11 developer conference in San Francisco, middleware specialist Unity Technologies showed off an early version of Luma Arcade's Bladeslinger, one of the first AAA mobile games to take advantage of the Unity engine.

If Madfinger Games's other major Unity-supported title Shadowgun is inspired by Gears of War, then Luma Arcade's action game for Android and iOS is definitely Red Dead Redemption meets Infinity Blade.

Stuck in the Wild West, the rugged blade-slinging hero uses guns and magic to take down some truly ugly-looking aliens.

As seen in the trailer below, the cowboy star of Bladeslinger employs a special deck of cards to overwhelm his enemy. Like in Shadow Cities, you must trace the on-screen pattern to cast a spell correctly.

Unity warned that Bladeslinger is in its alpha stage, but the detailed visuals and unique environment shown in the minute-long trailer mark it out as one to watch.

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