Full Fat Productions’s bright and breezy casual smash hit Coin Drop has arrived on the Android Market for free today.

Coin Drop follows the noble mobile tradition of describing exactly the premise and main gameplay mechanic in the title of the game (see also Cut the Rope), so you’ll have to excuse me if I don’t describe what it is you do.

However, it’s not just about letting gravity take its toll on physical units of currency. Over the course of the 75 levels, you’ll be hitting pegs like Peggle, destroying blocks like a bulldozer, and bouncing through portals.

It also features enemies called ‘Bad Pennies’, which deserves a quick tip of the pun hat.

The game managed to get a Pocket Gamer Silver Award when it was released on iOS, so it’s well worth splashing out on. Except Coin Drop is available from the Android Market for the princely sum of nothing (download), so no splashing out necessary.