Some early Xbox Live Arcaders and Windows Phone 7 users on the American network AT&T may be enjoying the delights of 3D block-puzzler ilomilo already, but there isn’t too long to go now until the rest of us get the chance to play WP7’s most attractive-looking game so far.

Taking control of the two characters, Ilo and Milo, the aim of the game is to pick up and replace blocks, flip gravity, and reunite the pair in each of the brain-melting puzzles.

While the horizon-less shenanigans look like an intriguing twist on the platform/maze style genre, it’s the graphics and animation that have been catching eyes pre-release, with a style reminiscent of top PlayStation 3 franchise LittleBigPlanet.

Developer Southend Interactive tells us that the game should be arriving in "supported countries", which we presume includes the UK and other major European territories. In any case, it’s guaranteed that Americans not on the AT&T network will be getting the title some time after December.