One of the most intriguing and best loved of DS launch games was the music-making app Electroplankton.

Four years on from its retail release, you can now experience something of the fun with two bite-sized DSiWare downloads.

Electroplankton Beatnes splits out one of the original creatures offering the Beatnes, which are eight part creatures that emit sounds closely resembling the NES console.

Tapping the parts of a Beatnes' body produces different sounds, while tapping Beatnes in time with a rhythm produces a repeating note in perfect time.

Also released is Electroplankton Hanenbow. The creatures launch themselves out of the water towards floating plants, creating strange sounds and melodies as they bounce off the leaves. When a leaf is repeatedly hit by a Hanenbow, it changes colour, altering the sound produced - as you can sort of see from the first screenshot above.

In both cases, you can use the Performance mode to interact with the creatures and create your own compositions, or relax with Audience mode and let the Beatnes and Hanenbow do their own thing.

Electroplankton Beatnes and Hanenbow can be downloaded now from the European DSi Shop at the cost of 200 Nintendo DSi Points (€2 or £1.80).