I love the Mario & Luigi games. Which means I can't wait for Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story to be released.

But I am going to have to curb my enthusiasm until 9th October which is when the game is out in Europe.

Still, at least I can fall into a dream sequence and remember playing the game demo back at E3 2009.


One of my favourite mini-games was the shell kicking mode which requires you to press the A and B buttons in step as the shell approaches Mario's and then Luigi's feet. Keeping the momentum of the shell bouncing off their feet - via a collision with the enemy - ensures a massive lost of health points, as well as mucho satisfaction.

You get to play as Bowser and he gets up to some cool stuff too.

One example was his Storm move, in which the Goombas charge the enemy. You have to tap them with your stylus to set them alight thanks to Bowser's fire-breathing power. They are then launched into the air to fall down on the enemy in a fiery waterfall of pain.

Dream sequence over. Waiting begins.

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story will available in shops on 9th October.