Sony has shown its heart is very much in the right place this Valentines' Day by bringing forward the release of the European Patapon PSP demo to today.

The official Sony blog announced overnight the demo would arrive early in the US Store and Eurogamer has since reported Sony has confirmed the same will happen for the UK PSP Store for PC. It's not there right now, but hopefully any minute those little tribal chaps will be available to download.

According to Sony's blog, you'll alternatively be able to download the demo from the PS3 Store to your Memory Stick to then play on your PSP.

As we revealed back when the demo was announced, your save game from it will be transferable to the final game when it comes out on February 22nd and you'll get a bonus Spear of Protection item, too.

What better Valentine's gift than one of free game levels and pointy spears, eh? Certainly beats cheap chocolates and production line grown roses.