Worms World Party can is open again

Invertebrate antics coming to N-Gage after all

Worms World Party can is open again
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Like the rest of the N-Gage playing populace (both of them (just kidding)), we were understandably devastated when the official N-Gage Blog announced that production of Worms World Party had ceased. THQ had no comment to make on the rumour, which is quite easily interpreted as an affirmative response.

Either THQ was reassured by the public outcry regarding the canning of Worms, or it was helping the N-Gage Blog to save face and chatted with them in quiet about Worms World Party’s future.

One way or another, a new post has now appeared on the official blog stating that the game’s development is back on, and we can expect its release in 2009.

A rather ambiguous release date, to be sure, but as long as it’s still in the works we’re sure no one will mind. The comments section on the blog post is rapidly filling up with cries of invertebrate joy, so watch this space for more Worms World Party news as it comes in.