How does Warp Shift compare to Monument Valley, Adventures of Poco Eco, and more?
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When you find a puzzle game that does something a little different on the App Store you can't help but do a little squee.

And that's exactly what Warp Shift is. It's a mixture of ideas all wrapped up in a gorgeous looking package that sparks from the second you pick it up.

Part sliding block puzzle, part colour matcher, part riff on some of the ideas from Portal, the end product is a satisfying and wholesome premium adventure that will keep you engrossed for days.

Block rocking beats

The game casts you as a young girl trapped in a series of boxes. You can shift the boxes around and, if they're connected in the right way, move between them.

Each level has an exit, and it's up to you to get there in as few moves as possible. Each challenge has a star rating based on the number of turns you take to escape, and while finishing most of the levels is easy enough, figuring out how to do it under the move limit is far from a cake walk.

As you progress the game throws new ideas into the mix. There are switches you need to pull to open some gates, keys you need to grab to unlock the escape portal, and doors you can only walk through if they're matched on the other side with a route of the same hue.

There are no time limits here, so you're never forced to act rashly, and it gives the whole game a more meditative air.

Consider your moves, plan ahead, and the game rewards you with a rich and engaging puzzling experience.

Is it worth my time?

If you like your puzzle games well balanced, gorgeous to look at, and full to the brim with innovative twists and new ideas, then yes, it's absolutely worth your time.

Warp Shift has a spark to it that lights up from the second you load up the game.

It's not without its difficulties, but there's so much puzzling contained within its gorgeous exterior that even when you get stuck you're not going to begrudge it its eccentricities.

How does it compare?
  • Monument Valley - Not quite in the same league, but there's not much between the two. Warp Shift certainly sits in the same bracket as UsTwo's masterpiece, and if you've played one you should definitely play the other.
  • Uncharted: Fortune Hunter - The PS4 tie-in is a more straight forward game, although it does have moments of brilliance. I'd say get Warp Shift first though.
  • Adventures of Poco Eco - A slightly tougher one to call. I'd probably go with Poco Eco first, because of its rich and detailed world, but Warp Shift is a close second.

How does Warp Shift compare to Monument Valley, Adventures of Poco Eco, and more?

A bright and engaging puzzler that sparks with new ideas. Definitely worth picking up
Harry Slater
Harry Slater
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