Warlocks & Wizards - You're going to wand-er away
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It was inevitable that Clash Royale would lead to a rash of games that tried the same thing. We've seen a couple so far, and now you can add Warlocks & Wizards to that list.

Unfortunately it isn't a patch on Supercell's micro-MOBA. It has a few of the same ideas, but manages to miss the point of the genre pretty spectacularly.

What should be a compulsive scrapper with deck-building elements instead becomes a dull trudge that doesn't really give you any control over the important bits, and has difficulty spikes you're unlikely to ever overcome.


The game is a series of battles, each taking place on a symmetrical level. Your base is at one end, your opponent's at the other. There's a bridge in the middle. You're aiming to smash your foes buildings before they smash yours.

Minions are generated automatically by your base, and they stomp along and attack anything they come across. You've got a set of spells you can toss about, and you unlock more as you level up.

Some of them are fire bolts, some are giant monsters that do your bidding, and there's a card-collecting element that lets you upgrade spells if you get multiple versions of the same cards.

The problem is the game itself just isn't that much fun. There's none of the tactical nous or balancing of Clash Royale. Instead you spam out spells, and so long as your opponent isn't too powerful you'll win.

There's none of the interaction either. I'm pretty sure you're not actually playing real time against other players, just storming their bases and fighting against the spells that they've unlocked.

Never mind, eh?

Everything feels sloppy, and the battles follow the same pattern. Either you overwhelm your opponent or they overwhelm you.

There's no tactics, no figuring out the best way to play, you just throw whatever you've got in the direction of the baddies.

You'll rarely have anything like fun with the game. It gets grindy very quickly, and the lack of interest will mean you'll put it down before it's even had a chance to make a meaningful impression.

Warlocks & Wizards - You're going to wand-er away

A flat, lifeless attempt at a mini-MOBA, Warlocks & Wizards is best avoided
Harry Slater
Harry Slater
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