Unity brings games to Tizen through its Union initiative

Emerging OS will have games

Unity brings games to Tizen through its Union initiative
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Given the lack of success of operating systems like bada and MeeGo, not many people hold out much hope for their spiritual successor, the Linux-based Tizen.

Still, with the backing of Samsung and Intel, not to mention the Linux Foundation, the all-singing all-dancing car-to-phone OS might gain traction.

Certainly, that's what middleware outfit Unity is expecting given it's just announced some games from its bespoke Union initiative will support phones and tablets running the OS.

Stronger together

Union is Unity's way of bringing a small subset of high quality games to emerging platforms.

In the past it's signed deals for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, LG's smart TVs and the Xperia Play device.

"We are very happy to be putting Union games onto new Tizen operating system-based mobile devices," said Oren Tversky, VP of Union.

"It's awesome to be able to empower the Unity development community with more ways to bring their games to new audiences and monetise their content."

"The addition of Union games for the Tizen store further expands the growing catalog of quality Tizen games," added Tizen board member Christopher Croteau.

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