TwoDots is the slick new sequel to the Silver Award-winning puzzler Dots

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TwoDots is the slick new sequel to the Silver Award-winning puzzler Dots
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'TwoDots' isn't the most imaginative name for a sequel to the Silver Award-winning Dots: A Game About Connecting.

And developer Betaworks One certainly hasn't fiddled with the minimalist dot-connecting gameplay too much in this sequel, either.

You're still connecting dots of the same colour to get a score here, then. And you can still only connect them vertically or horizontally.

But there are enough fresh elements in this sequel to justify its existence. For starters, the grids are no longer confined to 6x6.


They come in all different sizes now as you progress through a level-based adventure. In every level, you have to connect a certain number of each colour of dots in a limited number of moves.

If you don't manage it, you'll be offered the chance to purchase extra moves for 69p / 99c. By declining the offer, you'll lose a life.

You start off with five lives. If you run out of them, then you can purchase more or wait 20 minutes for a life to regenerate.

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In later levels, you have to use your dot-connecting skills to sink anchors, make bombs, and extinguish flames. There are IAPs tied to the bombs if you want them, too.

It's a bit of an icky setup if you don't plan on forking out for IAPs, admittedly.

It's unfortunate because TwoDots's hypnotic music and minimalist visuals make it an alluring game. But if you don't do so well, you'll have to constantly buy IAPs to keep your flow going.

You can download TwoDots from the App Store right now for free.

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