Twisted Machines

With Twisted Machines, Reliance Games is looking to offer something different in a mobile racer.

You see, Reliance takes you into a fictitious world where cars have become true behemoths that can achieve mind-bending top speeds.

Despite these high-octane claims, though, Twisted Machines is really just the same game as you've seen many times before.

Start your engines

After picking from a line-up of four of these "twisted machines", you must beat your opposition down a straight race track while avoiding obstacles along the way.

By pressing '2' or 'up' on the thumbstick / D-pad, you move forward. You move left and right, respectively, via the '4' and '6' buttons. By pressing '5' or the 'okay' button, you activate a turbo boost (when one's available).

It's a simple setup, sure. And if it wasn't for the bullish AI, it'd be pretty straightforward, too. The fact that every car practically handles identically doesn't help in the variety stakes, mind.

In the end, Twisted Machines is an admirable effort to push the Java racing game genre on. In reality, though, it's not that different from what's come before.

Twisted Machines

Reliance attempts to create something far more than is really possible here. In the process, it overlooks this game's potential as an amusing arcade racer