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Build your own pocket game with creators of tschess in new App Architecture series

Everyone you know has an app idea, who will build it?

Build your own pocket game with creators of tschess in new App Architecture series
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If you're a reader of Pocket Gamer you'll no doubt have as great an affinity for pocket sized games as we do. But have you ever wondered how much work goes into creating an app? Or whether you have what it takes to make a successful app of your own?

If the answer's yes you'll be intrigued to know that the creator of the popular mobile game tschess is inviting everyone to see just how it's done, with the release of the YouTube series App Architecture and a “process scrapbook” showcased on Instagram.

tschess is a chess variant, released last year by Bahlsenwitz LLC for iOS and Android. Players are empowered to create any starting configuration of pieces with a point value equivalent to the classic game; a bust to the king’s gambit, and every other opening. tschess features a slew of fairy pieces as well, for good measure. The gameplay mechanics are aimed at creating a two-player strategy experience that is thoroughly modern. The process employed in the creation of this game is thoroughly modern as well.

Since its inception, the complete source code used in the creation of tschess has been available on GitHub under a Do What the #$%& You Want To Public License (WTFPL). The new series App Architecture features a rotating cast of experts that walk through this codebase with S. Matthew English, the lead developer of tschess.

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One of the more fascinating aspects of tschess's development process is to see the various prototypes displayed on the developer's Instagram page. It's just a small part of what tschess' developer hopes will inspire a new wave of developers to realise their potential and build a pocket game of their own.

If you’re interested in joining the tschess community you’re encouraged to participate in the inaugural tschessfest, a worldwide tournament slated to begin on October 13th. Register at