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| Trappped
| Trappped

Trappped is a game about a game that's trapped inside a game. It's up to you to solve a series of lock puzzles, sliding coloured squares into place in order to let the incarcerated program back to safety.

The puzzles are simple to begin with, but soon add extra layers of obstacles and diversions, upping the challenge as you become more familiar with the way the game plays.

It makes for an interesting and intriguing puzzler with a style and sense of humour all its own.

Trap doors

Each level gives you a set of coloured squares and a set of coloured blocks. You need to move the blocks to the squares. You plan out each move the squares will make, then tap 'play' to set them sliding along the grid.

To begin with the levels are as simple as tracing a path from A to B, but soon you're having to cross the paths the blocks take, or link them together into pairs or more so they drag one another to your target.

Sliding on a square places an arrow in that direction, while tapping on one creates a crossing of sorts that allows cubes that move past it to continue on their paths. Pretty soon you'll need to use all of these and more to finish a level.

A rubber tool lets you erase paths you've placed erroneously, and if you find the directions you've placed aren't working you can tap 'stop' and have a rethink. Quicker solutions earn you more points, but sometimes you're just happy to get all the pieces into the right place.

Trapping, I'm trapping

The mix of maze and logic puzzle makes for a beguiling combination. The game adds more and more ideas as you play, layering on new challenges and forcing you to think in new and different ways to succeed.

Trappped isn't the best-looking game (although it has a certain style of its own) and the controls can be a little fiddly - especially at first, when you're trying to get a feel for how the game works.

Still, these are minor niggles in a package that contains some brilliantly well-constructed puzzling experiences.


An engaging little game with a neat hook, Trappped is well worth some of your time