Cute city builder Townscaper is expanding to mobile and Switch later this year

Cute city builder Townscaper is expanding to mobile and Switch later this year
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Raw Fury has partnered up with Oskar Stålberg to bring Townscaper to more platforms, beginning with mobile and Nintendo Switch later this year, as confirmed in a tweet posted by the Raw Fury Twitter account. The publisher had previously worked with Stålberg to release Bad North on as many platforms as possible.

Townscaper is a stress-free city building experience. It’s not concerned with managing budgets or controlling populations, but instead is a tool to build quaint little island towns with curvy streets. You can build small hamlets, soaring cathedrals, canal networks or even sky cities on stilts.

This is done instantly by simply tapping, block by block, where you want to place a building or street. You can pick colours from the palette and plop down the coloured blocks on an irregular grid. Townscaper’s underlying algorithm then does the rest of the work, automatically turning those blocks into cute houses, arches, stairways, bridges, and lush backyards depending on their configuration. It’s an easy to use tool and very engaging in how varied many of the creations can go.

There’s no goal and no deeper gameplay to it, just plenty of opportunities to build a beautiful town which may suit anyone with a creative mind. I have played the game on PC and can confirm it does what it does extremely well. It should be well suited to mobile devices.

Stålberg began the game as an experimental passion project. The Swedish indie game developer then posted gifs of the game to their Twitter account where it received a small cult following as the project grew.

You will be able to play Townscaper on your mobile device or Nintendo Switch later this year, but if you want to check it out in advance it’s available for PC on Steam.

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