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Touch Racing 2

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Touch Racing 2
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Once you've played through enough of Touch Racing 2 you'll realise it's not a one-touch arcade driving game at all. It is, in fact, a two-touch arcade driving game.

Despite the protestations of the cast of characters, who bark tips at you between races, it takes you a few goes to realise that they're right – swapping fingers is the best way to play the game.

When that clicks, and you get into some of the tougher bite-sized races, you'll find an entertaining, fast-paced racer that fits into mobile sized play gaps.

There's a slightly irksome energy system, and things get a little more grindy as you push on into the heart of the game, but neither of those things manage to really tarnish the racing underneath.

Vroom to breathe

The game revolves a trio of vehicles. You've got a speedy one, an off-road one, and a boat. You compete in a variety of races, earning cash if you finish well.

You control your car with a finger. Or two. Push on the screen and your car races towards your fingers. Trace your digit around the track and your vehicle keeps moving.

Big corners often need you to swap fingers. Partly so you can keep moving, and partly so your view isn't impeded by your own massive fat hand.

The tracks are tight, littered with speed boosts, and for at least the first lap of the race things are pretty exciting.

Tight corners

If you get into the lead then you'll usually leave the rest of the field behind. It's a bit of a shame, and means the racing isn't quite as exciting as it could be.

The boss races offer some more evenly balanced challenge, but you'll need to make sure your vehicle is up to scratch before you take them on or you'll almost certainly lose.

Of course you'll run out of petrol every now and then and have to wait or pay. And there are two different currencies that bark at you to buy.

But there's still fun to be had here. It's not particularly in-depth, but an interesting mix of original controls and Micro Machines-style racing action means it's definitely worth a look.

Touch Racing 2

A solid if unremarkable arcade racer with an interesting control method and some annoying free to play trappings