Digital Chocolate teams up with LG for mobile games

Expect preloaded titles in the coming months

Digital Chocolate teams up with LG for mobile games
| Tornado Mania

Good news, LG phone owners! Digital Chocolate mobile games will now be available for your LG handsets!

Okay, so they already are: you just have to go to your operator portal and buy 'em. But the two companies have announced a partnership that goes beyond that, with some of Digital Choc's games to be preloaded on new LG phones from this month. We're hoping that means ace titles like Tower Bloxx, Rollercoaster Rush and Tornado Mania (pictured) appearing on slinky handsets like the LG Prada.

The companies haven't said whether it'll be full games or limited demos, but they are planning further marketing activities together.

Preloaded games are an increasingly important area for the mobile games industry, since there are millions of mobile users playing the games that come with their phones who've never considered actually buying one from their operator portal.