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Tofu Hunter pokes fun at that genre of hunting games that see you stalking animals through a variety of different terrains.

You're doing the same here, but the animals are actually lumps of bean curd. Some of which are wearing hats. Then there are soya dogs. And weird flobbery birds.

And while the joke is pretty one note, there's actually a pretty solid, if simple, shooter underneath it all.

Deep fried

The game sees you controlling a series of guns. You swipe a crosshair around with your left thumb, and fire by tapping a button in the bottom right of the screen. Some weapons have a zoom mode, which you access with a double tap.

Each level sets you a challenge. You might need to kill a set number of the different tofu blobs, or hit a score marker. There are shooting range challenges too, and new guns to unlock the deeper you get into proceedings.

Different weapons offer different advantages, as you might expect. The shotgun is more useful at close range, the sniper rifle packs a punch but takes time to reload, and some of the more powerful weapons have just a single shot before you need to fill them back up.

There's an energy system, but it's not too painful, and you can usually watch a video to top yourself up rather than paying. Videos let you extend your time in the levels too, which you'll probably need to do quite a lot.

Shoot it

The shooting here is perfectly solid, but as you get to the later levels you'll find yourself having to pump tofu blocks full of ridiculous numbers of bullets to take them down.

Obviously you can upgrade your weapons, but it takes a decent amount of grind, and some waiting, if you don't want to spend.

This isn't the best Adult Swim game on the App Store, but it has its moments. And you don't have to spend anything to give it a try.

Tofu Hunter

A silly shooter that doesn't quite distance itself far enough from the games it's mocking. Still pretty fun though