The Walking Dead: Survivors is an upcoming strategy game based on the popular IP that's heading for iOS and Android

The Walking Dead: Survivors is an upcoming strategy game based on the popular IP that's heading for iOS and Android

In a recent announcement, Elex and Skybound have announced they are collaborating to create a new strategy-based survival strategyt game called The Walking Dead: Survivors. The game is entirely based on the Skybound IP and will feature characters from the comics.

Just like any other survival game, players need to construct safe houses to help their characters survive and expand their territory. Survivors will have access to expandable upgrades for settlements and characters alongside the ability to control their army with frontline management.

Survivors come in two types, Combat Survivors and Development Survivors, and both categories have their own unique skillsets and abilities. Combat Survivors are made for taking part in battles whilst Development Survivors will help to improve all facets of a town to ensure it’s fully protected. The survivors are adapted from the comic and include prominent characters such as Rick, Maya, Vayne, Glenn, Dwight, and many more.

The player's aim is to build a safe and resourceful town whilst building an army by assigning tasks, building strategic battle plans, building and expanding their bases to explore new territories. Before proceeding to upgrade any of this, players must think carefully as the resources they gather are quite limited.

The Walking Dead: Survivors will also feature powerful categories of Fighters whom they can put in the army to tackle the enemies. As of now, there are three types of Fighters: Melee, Sharpshooters, and Cavalry. Each category will have ten tiers to upgrade, with each making every fighter stronger. In addition, all Combat Survivors can be trained and be assigned to different roles and ranks.

Key features of the game-
  • Survival in TWD Universe - Encounter iconic IP characters like Rick, Michonne, and Glenn. Start building up your camp and recruit other potential survivors for your team.
  • Community Management - Players have to complete multiple tasks and maintain their camp which is crucial for survival. Regularly gather supplies, farm, train, explore, fight enemies, recruit new heroes, and tend to your group’s medical needs.
  • Settlement Siege - Keep in mind that the camp is under constant threat from walker hordes, so the players have to build up their defences accordingly. Strengthen your walls, place obstacles and lay traps.
  • Clans – Along with Walkers, Negan and his gang of Saviours are also a threat to your village. Team up with other players to form Clans and expand your territory.
  • Exploration – Always keep exploring the area nearby, as the lands near your camp will have random unique resources available to collect.

The Walking Dead: Survivors is available for pre-registration on iOS in the US and UK as well as Android in the US. It will launch in Summer 2021.

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