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Why 7Seas decided to name its game about pouring wine into glasses The Jars is beyond me. But whatever its reasoning was, The Jars is a puzzle game that's painfully easy to work out – provided you know simple maths.

Working in a way that's similar to the well-known mathematical puzzle pastime Tower of Hanoi, The Jars requires you to fill one glass with the required pints of red liquid.

You have to try and do this in as few moves as possible, ensuring that – while there's only one real solution – you have a reason to come back to try and improve on your time.

A jarring experience

It's a shame that this rather novel take on an age-old puzzle is extremely limited. There are only three levels - 4 Pint, 5 Pint, and 6 Pint - each using only two glasses. What's more, the four and five pint levels have exactly the same solution to them, with the six pint level is only a tad more difficult.

It seems that 7Seas invested more time into making The Jars look nice than it did into expanding upon the gameplay opportunity of creating ultimate brainteasers.

The Jars

A missed opportunity is what really holds The Jars back from being an interesting title. Instead it's nothing more than another game lost in the Java market
Vaughn Highfield
Vaughn Highfield
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