Teamfight Tactics 11.3 Patch Notes: What to expect from the auto-battler's latest update

Teamfight Tactics 11.3 Patch Notes: What to expect from the auto-battler's latest update

With a mesmerizing show of light and color (and of course, fireworks), Teamfight Tactics Patch 11.3 brings us a long-awaited buff to the newly added Dragonsoul Trait, as well as several other changes.

Below we'll take a deeper look at the TFT Patch Notes 11.3 and give you an idea of what exactly they will translate to in the game.

Trait changes

Dragonsoul Trait (buffed)

If you didn't play Dragonsoul, then chances are you didn't get a chance to see how... underwhelming they are. Well, that's all about to change since in this patch they're finally getting a buff - and not just the trait alone, but a couple of units as well (Brand and Tristana).

- Upon passing the blessing after death, the ally's next basic attack will immediately trigger the Dragon Breath.

What does that mean?
Since the Dragonsoul trait works by blessing the units the first time they take damage (with bonus stats), this buff should make all Dragonsoul units more playable now. Their damage should be somewhere between broken and easily broken (by Divine or Warlords), so it's all about positioning.

Slayer Trait (buffed)

Slayers' damage was nowhere near the expected amount I guess, and if you were to compare the Darius in this comp with the Darius in the Galaxies patch, you would most likely feel that his attacks use a candy stick rather than an actual axe. Oh, and not to mention the low Lifesteal, which wouldn't really be that impactful in the late game.

- Slayer Lifesteal: 15-30 / 25-50% ⇒ 15-30 / 30-60%
- Slayer Damage: 20-45 / 30-75% ⇒ 20-45 / 35-80%

What does that mean?
Slayer should now be an end-game viable trait, which I am definitely happy to see! (I'm so looking forward to that Fortune - Slayer team comp)

Spirit Trait (nerfed)

4 Spirits used to be a real pain to deal with, especially with Sharpshooters. Now they've been slightly nerfed, so we can say goodbye to an extra 5% Attack Speed.

- Spirit Attack Speed: 20/40% ⇒ 20/35%

What does that mean?
2 Spirits' traits remain unchanged, so it's only the 4 Spirits taking a hit here. It's not a completely deal-breaking nerf though, so they can still be pretty good (just not as good as before).

Divine Trait (reworked)

The Divine trait used to give the same stats at all levels, no matter how many Divines you had on your team. They've adjusted that, which is definitely going to have a big impact on the end-game.

- Divine Buff Damage Reduction: 45% ⇒ 35/45/55/65%
- Divine Buff Bonus True Damage: 45% ⇒ 35/45/55/65%

What does that mean?
Divines can now be a more-than-viable end-game pick since their stats are scaling per number of Divines you have (2/4/6/8). Now, if you get an early Divine, it should be pretty easy getting to the late game using them (does anybody remember the good-ol' Kayle in the previous sets? I feel like this one could be equally broken)!

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Unit changes

Brand (buffed)

- Brand Attack Range: 660 ⇒ 890

What does that mean?
Brand will now cast his skills without moving from his position, which should make it a lot easier for players to protect him (he's a squishy unit). He won't need a Rapid Firecannon to reach the enemy backline with his skill.

Tristana (buffed)

- Tristana Rapid Fire Attack Speed: 50/60/80% ⇒ 60/70/90%

What does that mean?
Tristana's Attack Speed is now much better than before, so no matter the star, she should be dealing more damage during her skill.

Diana (adjusted)

- Diana's Pale Cascade Orbs now spawn further away from her body when her size increases (ie: Titan's Resolve)

What does that mean?
This pretty much calls for more tank Dianas, since her skill does quite good damage anyway, but now will expand its range whenever she grows in size. With a Lulu and Titan's Resolve, she should be pretty fun to play.

Darius (buffed)

- Darius Fortune's Guillotine Damage: 550/800/1300 ⇒ 550/850/1400

What does that mean?
I always like playing Darius in TFT, because he's a tremendously fun champion! And with these changes, his damage at 2* and 3* greatly increased. Pop some damage items on him, and he's going to be that menacing force we've all been scared to face in the previous set.

Elise (reworked)

- Elise's attacks in Spider Form now increase the cost of her target's next spell by 35/35/50%
- Elise Health on Spider Form Transformation: 35/40/45% ⇒ 25/30/45%

What does that mean?
Elise was not that great a pick, and you'd mostly use her for the Cultist buff, and not as a legit frontline. Now she actually brings something to the team while transforming, making her the equivalent of Mana-Reaver in the previous set.

Item changes

- Shroud of Stillness Mana Cost Increase: 33% ⇒ 35%

Shroud of Stillness got slightly buffed, but I guess there are still other items that have much more impact than this.