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SUP Multiplayer Racing review - A zippy little racer

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SUP Multiplayer Racing review - A zippy little racer
SUP Multiplayer Racing is a new brand of mobile racer. While slick aerial and drifting tricks, as well as bumper busting roadside shenanigans are all present here, SUP is more concerned with strategy and vehicle upgrades. With that shift in focus, SUP gives up most of the direct control you'd find in a typical racing game. Does that make SUP a high-speed bore or something truly special?

A crash course It's easy enough to get the gist of SUP. Your car accelerates automatically - tapping the button on the left changes lanes or performs jump tricks. The button on the right controls your boosts.

Although you can't drive your car in the traditional sense, it's still fun to cut off your opponents, or increase your boosts by drifting and perform crazy flips and twists in mid air.

You'll have to plan these feats carefully, as you can still fall off the track if you get too confident.

Racing is a delicately choreographed dance between these features, all while trying to come in first place. I was wary at first, but it's actually quite fun and you'll be busy throughout each quick minute-long race.

Grinding the gears

That's not to say that the formula doesn't get a bit old after a while. You will unlock new cars and upgrade your vehicle of choice, but true progression requires you to finish upwards of 100 or more races to get to the next tier.

If you get bored you can give the game’s track editor a go, but the real meat of the game lies in the competition. SUP would greatly benefit from added game modes or weapons to keep things interesting.

SUP has some fun ideas, but unless you like to do some serious grinding to achieve anything, you might find yourself getting bored pretty quickly.

SUP Multiplayer Racing review - A zippy little racer

SUP is definitely something new, but the grind amps up very quickly