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Story of a Gladiator is an arena beat 'em up that's available now for iOS, Android and Switch

You can train a pet tiger!

Story of a Gladiator is an arena beat 'em up that's available now for iOS, Android and Switch

Story of a Gladiator is a beat 'em up with an excellent looking painterly art style. The game comes from UK-based developer Brain Seal who you may know if you've played either of the Dark Quest games. Story of a Gladiator is available now for iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch.

The game starts with a new inductee to the gladiatorial pits who is looking to battle their way through all those who dare stand in their path to become the champion of Rome. After losing their family, friends and even home to war you'd probably think that battles to the death in an arena are a good idea too.

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There will be 3 arenas in total that you'll have to conquer on your way to becoming the champion of Rome that are split into 36 battles with 3 bosses, who will provide you with the most challenge. Within those 36 battles, you'll fight waves of enemies that include 80 variations of gladiator and 20 animals, with each utilising their own fighting strategies.

It's important to make sure you're prepared for them all then. Once you've chosen your origin – you can choose to be from Greece, Carthage or Egypt – you'll set to work on learning a variety of combat skills to dispatch your opponents with. To even the odds a little there's also a pet tiger you can train who will assist you in the arena.

Beyond that you'll also be able to spend the coins you earn in the arena on new armour and weapons. The crowds' favour is also up for grabs so if you get them on your side there's a possibility you might get additional help occasionally. If you prefer a little more peril in your beat 'em ups, there's also a roguelike mode with leaderboards so you can compare your performance to other players around the world.

Story of a Gladiator is available on the App Store, Google Play and Switch eShop now. It's a premium title that costs $2.99 on mobile and $10.99 on Switch.

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