Build a spaceship, battle Klingons, and recruit Captain Kirk in iOS RPG Star Trek Trexels

The final frontier

Build a spaceship, battle Klingons, and recruit Captain Kirk in iOS RPG Star Trek Trexels
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Move over Star Command! The original campy space opera has surfaced on the App Store, and it's here to 'show' you how it's done.

With Star Trek Trexels, YesGnome transports Gene Roddenberry's highly popular sci-fi television series to iOS.

In this new game, you can build a ship, recruit crew members from the show, and explore hostile planets.

As an Admiral, you're tasked with taking down an alien race known as The Progenitors in Star Trek Trexels. First, though, you have to trace their whereabouts and prepare your ship and its crew for the big final battle.

You're given assignments, which involve exploring planets and completing a series of tasks. These involve laser gun fights, destroying alien machinery, and negotiating with the native species.

Star Trek Trexels

However, each of these tasks plays out the same way. You need to fill a bar by tapping cubes that appear on the screen. By doing so, you gain energy that you use to advance towards your victory.

It's repetitive, easy, and shallow, sure. Fortunately, however, the conversations between crew members during the peril-filled story and the authentic 1960s Star Trek music pull you through.

For completing your task, you're rewarded with resources that you can spend on building more rooms on your ship or recruiting crew members. You'll be able to level-up, too.

Star Trex Trexels

If you don't have enough resources, you can visit the in-game store and buy more through the IAPs on offer.

Star Trek fans will be pleased to read, by the way, that George Takei is the narrator in Star Trek Trexels. And due to a temporal rift in time, Captain Kirk, Spock, and loads of other familiar Trek faces can become part of your crew.

Give Star Trek Trexels a look if all of that sounds appealing to you. It's available on the App Store now, priced £1.99 / $2.99.

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