New Star Command video showcases character progression, vessel customisation, and more

13 minutes of gameplay

New Star Command video showcases character progression, vessel customisation, and more
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War Balloon founders Justin and Jordan Coombs have released a new video for their upcoming space adventure Star Command. The video is 13 minutes long, and it's packed full of gameplay. Hoorah!

The first time you fire up Star Command, you'll have to create your very own star ship captain, choose a vessel for him (or her) to command, and recruit some crew members. You'll also have to customise your ship's interior by building various rooms.

Basically, your ship's rooms produce tokens as your crew members use them to complete tasks and jobs. You can use these tokens to carry out research, scan new star systems, and upgrade your vessel.

No, lazy arse, you won't be able to speed things up by paying real-world cash. You won't get far in Star Command without hard graft and a little bit of sweat, I promise you.

Focus group

As your team members complete assignments, they'll level-up and gain access to new items and powers, such as grenades and the ability to revive fallen comrades.

There's plenty more interesting titbits in the video below this paragraph, so we suggest that you check it out for yourself. You'll even get a sneak peek at Star Command's action sequences, which involve a variety of different mini-games.

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