Spore designer touring US colleges

Hit mobile and iPhone title highlights game career opportunities

Spore designer touring US colleges
| Spore Origins

Maxis is sending out the lead designer of the Spore franchise - which recently went down a storm across a variety of platforms including iPhone, iPod and mobile – on a tour of US colleges to help illustrate design, engineering and artistic career opportunities in the games industry.

The game's lead designer Stone Librande will be using Spore as an example to demonstrate how students can learn to design ‘playfully’, and how to structure their choice of further education toward the global video game industry.

“Maxis and EA are huge proponents of college game design programs and nurturing rising talent,” says Lucy Bradshaw, VP at Maxis. “The robust creative capabilities of the Adventure Creator in Spore Galactic Adventures, empowers future game developers with a different way to experiment with game design. I can’t wait to see what the students create.”

EA has always kept a close eye on the world’s colleges, hiring 80 new graduates directly from college last year and providing internships to a further 250.