SEGA just dropped a teaser trailer for a new mobile RPG to be revealed at Tokyo Game Show 2021, but mum’s the word right now

SEGA just dropped a teaser trailer for a new mobile RPG to be revealed at Tokyo Game Show 2021, but mum’s the word right now
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SEGA, in partnership with Atlus, has unveiled an intriguing new teaser trailer for an unnamed project. Details are pretty sparse at the moment, but what we do know is that it’s another entry in the RPG genre, and that more information will be revealed at Tokyo Game Show 2021 next month.

SEGA’s untitled RPG is definitely cause for a whole lotta buzz, especially since both SEGA and Atlus will have a showcase spotlight on Day 2 of the Tokyo Game Show 2021 on October 1st. It’s all very hush-hush, and if they’re trying to appeal to our curiosity with all this secrecy, then they’ve certainly piqued our interest. They’ve also launched a special website for the unnamed game, which simply contains the teaser and a countdown to TGS. Even the URL of the site just says “Sega new RPG” - they can’t even throw us bone with that one, can they?

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Speculations have been varied and plenty, and there’s no real way to confirm any of it. In the meantime, you can feast your eyes on the teaser trailer embedded above and form your own predictions. The artwork looks gorgeous, and the soundtrack is easy to listen to. It also seems like there are elements of ancient Chinese ink paintings involved somehow.

What do you think Sega’s new mobile RPG will be all about? Will it be in any way related to their existing franchises, or will it be an entirely new project altogether? If you’re eager to discover more about TGS this year, you can take a look at the official event schedule to stay updated on all the latest developments.

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