Simure Vikings is an upcoming RPG by Yoozoo that's now available to pre-register for Android

Simure Vikings is an upcoming RPG by Yoozoo that's now available to pre-register for Android
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Gtarcade, the publishing branch for the famous YOOZOO games has announced the pre-registration of their RPG, Simure Vikings. With so many titles coming soon from the publisher, this particular one is about the Kings of Scandinavia and their life. The game will be available for both iOS and Android with an expected release in June 2021.

The game puts you in the role of a Viking leader. As such, you'll need to fulfil the duties of a leader of looking after their people by building and expanding your empire alongside winning wars against your enemies. With such a storyline in the game, it is very likely that the players will find it very interesting learning about the Vikings.

Sit on the throne and experience the Scandinavian cultures of the kings and witness the ancient lives of the people. The game promises a detailed look at how kings ruled during this time period.

While forming your army, there are some powerful legendary heroes to choose from. These heroes will lead your armies and play an important role during the war. According to the tales and history, the kings were well known for travelling across the seas to conquer other places or to find a hidden treasure, so you can expect to hunt for some yourself. 

Play along with players from around the globe and add them to your friend's list to form an alliance with them. The partnership can be useful in the long run as they can provide backup during the war. As every kingdom needs a Queen, the game also allows you to choose your partner from various cultures and backgrounds to raise your children to ensure they become worthy heirs to your throne.

Simure Vikings is now available to pre-register on Google Play, with the App Store link coming soon.

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