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| SimpleRockets
| SimpleRockets

SimpleRockets is exactly what it sounds like - a game about firing simple rockets into space, and then perhaps getting them back down in one piece.

It's a wonderful pick-up-and-play take on the budding rocket genre, letting you whip your rocket out on the bus and easily achieve lift-off within seconds.

Those looking for a more in-depth and involving experience may find that SimpleRockets is perhaps just a little bit too simple - but there's still plenty of star-bound action to enjoy.

I'm on a rocket

The amount of fun that you can have with SimpleRockets depends mainly on whether you're a creative soul or not.

You begin by piecing together your ship, choosing from engines, fuel tanks, and assorted accessories like wheels, detachers, and nose cones. You can even build it in stages, so that pieces come away as your shuttle flies through the atmosphere.

Putting shuttles together is a breeze thanks to a simple drag-and-drop system, making it very easy to keep jumping in and out of the editor to try your creations out.

Firing your rocket into the solar system is a case of booting up the thrusters and hitting 'go'. It's then all about using the controls to shift left and right, and altering the thruster power to change your speed and direction.

SimpleRockets has all the tools you need to really enjoy space flight. A range of tutorial missions let you get to grips with the control system, while plenty of mini-games help you understand the inner workings of the game.

Around the world

This is a great mixture of simulation and arcade elements, potentially satisfying a wide range of players.

The mini-game leaderboards will appeal to more competitive gamers, while the sandbox Solar System mode contains the potential for astronomy enthusiasts to explore the universe and land on as many planets as possible.

SimpleRockets's arcadier facets do have their weaknesses - in particular, the streamlined controls will be a little bit too accessible for some.

The controls are also quite fiddly at times - especially when you're attempting trickier maneouvres like landing on a planet surface. The touchscreen isn't ideal in these situations.

SimpleRockets is a great simulation tool for messing around with on your daily commute - just don't expect NASA to feel at all challenged by the depth of the simulation.


SimpleRockets will get you up into space with zero fuss - your enjoyment then relies on the amount of creativity you are willing to put into the experience
Mike Rose
Mike Rose
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