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Sometimes, when it comes to Nitrome games, I feel a bit like a broken record.

But it's only because the dev consistently releases the most interesting, engaging mobile games. So it's a good broken record. A cheery broken record. Probably in C Major.

And Silly Sausage continues that excellent run. It's a wonderfully silly, highly addictive, often knuckle-chewingly difficult experience that you can play with a single finger.

It looks gorgeous, it gives you an achievement for sniffing your own butt, and its free to play mechanics are fair and well balanced.


The game sees you playing a sausage dog. Slide a finger up, down, left, or right, and the dog will stretch out in that direction, latching on to the next bit of solid ground it finds.

You can't land the dog on itself, and as the game goes on you'll be confronted with lumps of scenery that you can't stop on. As well as extending knives, spinning saws, lasers, floating hands carrying deadly cutlery and all manner of other obstacles.

You need to get from checkpoint to checkpoint, collecting green gems as you do. When you reach one of these dog houses you can watch a video or spend some of the gems to save your progress. It's an interesting idea, and it works pretty well.

The controls are responsive, and the levels – which are essentially sharp-edged little puzzles – are all brilliantly well designed. There's that trademark Nitrome retro sense of humour running through everything as well.


And the whole thing is just riotous good fun. It's smart, fast, and pushes you to think in energetic and intriguing new ways. Plus it's a game about a funny stretching dog.

Over the past few months Nitrome has cemented its reputation as a premier mobile developer, and Silly Sausage exemplifies everything that's good about the dev.

Silly Sausage

A bright and wonderfully well put together game, Silly Sausage ranks with Nitrome's best
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