Shiva 3D cross-platform engine gets new community website

Building the support infrastructure

Shiva 3D cross-platform engine gets new community website
| ShiVa 3D

French middleware provider Stonetrip has added a new community website for its cross-platform engine ShiVa 3D.

The company recently added support for iPad, Android, webOS and Wii alongside its existing iPhone, PC, Linux and Mac capabilities.

It now claims more than 22,000 licensed developers are using the technology, which is one of the reason it's expanded its support offering.

The engine is available in free, the €169 Unlimited and the €1,499 Advanced versions.

All together now

"Our community is passionate, smart and growing rapidly," said Philip Belhassen, Stonetrip's CEO.

"As more people find out about the power and ease-of-use of the platform, as well as our single license program, we know that we need to also have the best resources and tools outside of ShiVa 3D for the community. The new site will fulfill that need as we grow the engine and show the world what ShiVa can do."

The website contains forums, tutorials, a wiki, blog, documentation, and code samples, as well as providing a forum for developers to share their experiences and network.

You can find the Shiva 3D website here and the community website here.