Acclaimed iOS tower defence game Sentinel 3: Homeworld gets new DLC, update, price cut

New and cheaper ways to blast alien scum

Acclaimed iOS tower defence game Sentinel 3: Homeworld gets new DLC, update, price cut

Origin8's Sentinel 3: Homeworld, the tower defence game that featured in our 2010 top ten iPhone games list, has received new DLC, an update, and a price cut down to 59p/99c until May 30th 2011.

The DLC update brings 15 new levels across 15 new maps, the first two of which Origin8 has made free to download for existing Sentinel 3 owners. The full campaign DLC is £1.19 / $1.99, while three 'shortcut' DLCs are 59p / 99c each.

New weapons such as the epic-named Vortex and Turret Energizer Sentinel are included, along with new weapons that are unlocked throughout the game. The update also brings an Energy Syphon, which satisfyingly converts kills into ship energy. This feature has the potential to improve upon one of the few qualms we had with Sentinel 3: Homeworld - namely that players had to plan ahead while spending credits on defending towers and had to sacrifice others as the difficulty curve skyrocketed.

Speaking of kills, there's also a wave of new enemies to be had, and with new behaviours (our guess is that they won't be nice behaviours).

Those foes mentioned by Origin8 in the press release include Alien egg swarms, flying and amphibious enemies, and massive flying war-beasts all tasked with smashing your defences in a variety of tactically barbaric ways.

There are also six new classic challenges, limiting you to a fixed amount of supplies to reach for the high scores. Check out some of the new features in the screenshot gallery above.
Sentinel 3: Homeworld is available for iOS on App Store now at 59p / 99c, but not for long. The sale ends on May 30th.

Michael McNally
Michael McNally
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