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Sensei Wars

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Sensei Wars
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The solemn sensei is probably the most moth-eaten cliché in martial arts movies. You know how it goes: the bowed, wise old man stands aside, arms folded, and gently dishes out fortune cookie-grade advice to a hot-blooded youngster.

Sensei Wars doesn't adhere to the cliché (not that particular cliché, anyway). The game's main character, its titular sensei, fights alongside the disposable troops you send into the fray.

It's a pretty cool addition that adds a touch of personality to what is otherwise a pretty typical strategy game.

Fight with me

Sensei Wars stars a young warrior who watched his town get decimated by Mongols when he was a boy. When he becomes an adult, his hunger for vengeance doesn't clear up with his acne. He wants to beat back the Mongol threat, and it's your job to guide his hand.

Sensei Wars's core gameplay is what you'd expect from a strategy battle game. You build up a village where you can harvest the resources and money necessary to train your troops.

Once you have enough warm bodies, you throw them at the Mongols in the campaign mode, or at other players in multiplayer. Successful invasions garner loot and other resources that strengthen your fighters.

Crouching Tiger

The addition of the sensei super-warrior is an ostensibly minor twist, but it makes a surprising impact.

Your sensei can train in one of several styles, including Tiger (an emphasis on offensive attacks) and Crane (an emphasis on defence and healing). His skills can be upgraded as the game goes on, and sensei can become an expert at busting down walls or healing his lesser troops.

Sensei Wars still plays closely to the current king of strategy battle titles, Clash of Clans, and there's the usual waiting around for buildings/troops to upgrade (or paying to expedite the process).

Still, the sensei is a cool touch and mixes up the gameplay in interesting ways. If you're a clone collector, there are worse mentors to study under than Sensei Wars.

Sensei Wars

Training up your sensei alongside your regular troops is an interesting mechanic that helps Sensei Wars stand out a little from the rest of the Clash of Clans clones