How and why you should join our team in Supercell's Rush Wars!

Get ready for some Team Domination

How and why you should join our team in Supercell's Rush Wars!
| Rush Wars

Supercell has finally released their big new game, Rush Wars, and people the world over are rejoicing, for they can all enjoy- wait, no, I'm checking my notes now. It's in soft-launch in certain territories. Boo!

But you know how we work around here, we won't such regional restrictions hold us back, and it won't hold you back either! That's why you should jump in and join our Rush Wars team, and post your own in the comments below!

Rush Wars is a strategy game where you place down various military units, and watch them move against your opponent's units. If you can destroy their three bases, you'll get the maximum numbers of stars and clear the level, and luckily, you'll get rewards even for destroying only one base.

It has a fun gameplay loop, one which you can experiment with different placements and strategies to find better and better results.

While you're not battling against the bases of others, you can also build up your base and place your own defenses. How useful they'll be is an entirely different matter, though.

Once you've prepared your base with a bunch of military equipment and leveled up a few times, you'll unlock the ability to join and create teams, which opens up the game even further.

Once you join a team with more than five members, you can start jumping into Team Domination mode.

We'll share more about Team Domination in the near future, but for now, jump into our official Pocket Gamer Rush Wars team.

We're called POCKETGAMER OG. Just search for our team name in the team menu.

We will likely make more teams in time, but if we're full up, just add the name of your team in the comments below, get some new members, and get ready to dominate as a team in Rush Wars!