How does Rush Rally 2 compare to Real Racing 3, AG Drive, and more?
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There's a chaotic bounce to parts of Rush Rally 2 that make it one of the most entertaining racing games I've played on mobile for a good long while.

The lonely sections of time trail and bizarre missile dodging mine-games are all well and fine, but it's in Rally Cross when the game sparks to life in a blaze of wheel-bending glory.

Smash and grab shunts are the order of the day here, and on more than one occasion I've limped over the line with all of the wheels on my battered car pointing in different directions.

Time to get dirty

At first glance the game appears to err a little too close to the simulation side of the racing line. It's a decent looking 3D title with more than your average number of buttons for a mobile driving game, and a glowing line on the track to show you when to break.

But after a couple of hours of play, you realise that these serious trappings are masking a for more arcade experience. This is a game that encourages you to use your opponents as brakes, that glories in catastrophic spins off the track.

At least it does in Rally Cross mode. It's a more sedate experience elsewhere, when you're driving against the clock rather than trying to out-race a field of six.

But the controls in all of the modes are slick and intuitive, and there's a sense of speed and drama bubbling out from every corner and straight.

This blend of styles means there's plenty to sink your teeth into, and skills you learn in one aspect of the game are easily transferable to another. Although using trees to slow yourself down is a bad idea in whatever mode you're playing.

Is it worth my time?

Absolutely. There's a solidity to everything that Rush Rally 2 does that makes it a joy to play. There are things to tweak, new cars to unlock, and a vast number of races, time trials, and other challenges to complete.

2016 hasn't been a vintage year for racing games on mobile by any means, but Rush Rally 2 has shot straight to the front of the pack.

If you like your tyres muddy and your exhausts cacophonous, you should grab this as soon as you get the chance.

How does it compare?
  • Real Racing 3 - Rush Rally 2 has a far greater focus on carnage and fun than the slightly staid, don't-take-any-damage approach of RR3. If you're here for arcade fun, then Rush Rally 2 is your best bet.
  • AG Drive - A more interesting competition. Both games are fluid and fun, and offer plenty to do. I think Rush Rally 2 just edges it thanks to some truly exciting racing.
  • Horizon Chase - While Rush Rally 2 strides somewhere around the middle of the road between sim and arcade, Horizon Chase skids so far to the arcade side it might as well ask you to put coins in it. It's a simpler affair, and it offers a different kind of slightly less in-depth fun.

How does Rush Rally 2 compare to Real Racing 3, AG Drive, and more?

A big and bold racing game that's an awful lot of fun
Harry Slater
Harry Slater
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