Rogue Company, Hi-Rez studios' third-person tactical shooter, is heading for Android and iOS

Rogue Company, the much-loved free-to-play tactical third-person shooter, is coming to mobile.

Rogue Company, Hi-Rez studios' third-person tactical shooter, is heading for Android and iOS

All of the popular PC and console titles are making their way to the mobile platform, it seems. This time, it's the much-loved free-to-play third-person shooter 'Rogue Company' that has been confirmed for the Android and iOS platforms.

Many AAA mobile titles are in development, but especially this year and the next will be filled with major mobile game launches. Valorant Mobile, PUBG: New State, and Apex Legends Mobile are some examples.

Rogue Company Mobile Announced

Hi-Rez studios confirmed that a mobile version of the Rogue Company is in development. The tweet is actually about the partnership between Rogue Company and Verizon (a Telecommunication company in the USA), but it also confirms the mobile version of Rogue Company. The tweet further confirms that Verizon subscribers will get priority access to the Rogue Company Mobile beta version.

Luckily, it is not the only way to get access to the beta version of Rogue Company Mobile. There will be other ways too, such as by simply pre-registering for the title when it arrives. However, the exact details are yet to be revealed.

When will the Rogue Company Mobile version release?

Hi-Rez Studios has not revealed any details about Rogue Company Mobile. They have merely confirmed that a mobile version of Rogue Company would release sometime in the future. It seems that the game is in the early stages of development and might take over a year for the global launch. However, one thing that we can infer from this tweet is that the game will be hosting multiple mobile beta tests for Rogue Company, giving you multiple chances of trying the game before release. Lastly, Hi-Rez Studios has said that they will announce the mobile beta for Rogue Company at a later date alongside more details.

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