Kindle Fire traffic share now slipping against iPad 3

Holiday peak dropping off, reports Jumptap

Kindle Fire traffic share now slipping against iPad 3

Mobile advertising network Jumptap has claimed it saw a significant leap in the number of users accessing its network on Amazon's Kindle Fire tablets during the holiday season.

In January 2012, the Kindle Fire, which is currently only available in the US, represented 33 percent of all tablet usage on the network, rivalling iPad's 48 percent share.

Putting out fires

It wasn't until the launch of Apple's new iPad in March, Jumptap reports, that Kindle Fire's traffic share decreased to 22 percent.

Despite this downturn, however, Jumptap claims that overall usage of the Kindle Fire has continued to increase with average monthly traffic at three times the amount seen in Q4 2011.

It's a take mirrored by IDC's recent report on tablet usage across the US, with the firm claiming Kindle Fire had a big, but essentially limited, impact on Apple's share in the months post launch.

IDC stated Kindle Fire accounted for 18 percent of the tablet market during Q4 2011, before declining again the following quarter back to a 4 percent share.

Jumptap's full MobileSTAT report can be downloads from the firm's website.

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