Chart of the week: Half of in-game revenue generated by just 0.15% of players

Less than 2% of players spent in January

Chart of the week: Half of in-game revenue generated by just 0.15% of players

The latest monetisation report from research outfit Swrve shows that big spenders - your whales and superfans - are still a powerful source of mobile revenue.

Analysing the total revenue generated per player in monthly spending deciles - 10 percent, 20 percent, and so on - Swrve found that a mammoth 50.8 percent of in-game revenue was generated by the top decile, 90-100 percent.

What makes this figure particularly interesting is Swrve's finding that the top decile represents only 0.15 percent of all players.

Whale, proof

Looking at the figures from the flip side, Swrve notes that a full 50 percent of all paying players - from the 0-10 percent decile up to the 40-50 percent decile, inclusive - are only generating 11.1 percent of monthly revenue.

This is in line with Swrve's data on the number of purchases made per player per calendar month.

In this breakdown, Swrve found that 48.8 percent make a single purchase while 13.2 percent purchase five or more times.

Equally interesting, Swrve's Hugh Reynolds noted that only 1.5 percent of active players surveyed in January actually made a purchase that month.

"The actionable strategy from this data is to make it very easy for a user to become engaged and invested in a game," Reynolds said, speaking broadly on the data.

"You should have very easy first purchases. Then the odds of them going on to make a higher purchase is so much better. You also have to be really timely in communicating with users."

Swrve's full monthly monetisation report is available by clicking here.

[source: VentureBeat]

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