Polarbit launching into iPhone multiplayer

Wants players to bring their own servers

Polarbit launching into iPhone multiplayer
| Raging Thunder

Developer Polarbit has upgraded its Raging Thunder iPhone game with an online multiplayer mode.

It claims to be the first App Store game to offer this feature, although that might raise an eyebrow among people who've been playing Galcon online for a while now, or the several poker games that offer online multiplayer.

Still, it's a good feature for a racing game, with rival Asphalt 4: Elite Racing only offering local wi-fi multiplayer at this point.

Polarbit has stressed that the new multiplayer feature isn't quite finished (or, as co-founder Mitri Bautista-Wiberg puts it, "when we had a few hours to spare we decided to give it a try and threw together a beta").

The developer is soliciting feedback from players on how the multiplayer mode performs, and is encouraging them to also download a free PC app to set up their own game server for Raging Thunder on iPhone.

The server app will also work with the multiplayer modes of upcoming Polarbit iPhone games Wave Blazer and Armageddon Squadron.