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Radical is another game about flying through gates. We had two slight twists on the formula last week in the shape of The Hardest Flight and Sinking Feeling.

And what we have here doesn't really add anything to the genre. It's well put together and tightly paced, but there's a lack of claws in its compulsion loop that makes it a little too simple to put down.

The higher difficulty level makes for a slightly more interesting experience, but there's not quite enough here to make Radical essential.

Maze based

You pilot a spaceship that's flying up the screen through a maze. A variety of gates pop up and you need to slip through them to score a point.

The twist is that sometimes the walls at either side of you disappear and you need to slide from one side of the screen through to the other in order to get to a far away gate.

At the normal speed setting it's reasonably sedate. Push it up to hard and you'll find a slightly sharper beast that's closer to the pace of the best twitchy dodgers.

But there's still not quite enough to really sink your teeth into. It's minimalist, but to the point where things get a little boring.

Once you get your score up around the 50 mark, there's not really much reason to push on. Nothing changes, and the rhythm of your swerves becomes unerringly familiar.

To the max?

Radical is well put together, it's got a reasonably interesting art style, and it won't cost you anything to pick it up and give it a go.

But it probably won't last very long on your homescreen if you decide to take the plunge. It's just a bit too light, and a bit too forgettable to really recommend.


There's a decent enough game here, but it's not exciting or engaging enough to really win a place in your heart
Harry Slater
Harry Slater
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